Levada das 25 Fontes / Levada do Risco

~ 14km / Rabaçal / GPS 32°45’14.2″N 17°08’59.0″W

This hike is one of the most popular in Madeira and is therefore unfortunately usually very crowded. Especially at the 25 Fontes you will only be alone with a lot of luck. It is of course not without reason a very popular levada, it is also very beautiful and above all varied with many waterfalls on the way. If you are lucky, the gate at the Risco waterfall is open, so you can walk carefully on a small path behind the waterfall.
We have deviated a little from the main route with our tour, so that we only met the other tourists at some places.
The route itself is good to walk, there are a few stairs and climbs and several tunnels. Two tunnels are very long (about 800m and 1,5km), but easy to cross, because they are relatively high.