Canoeing and kayaking

Our tour at the Azul Diving Center starts at the resort “Quinta do Lorde” in Caniçal and leads along the nature reserve Ponta de São Lourenço into the beautiful Baia D’Abra bay. You can either go out  on your own or book a guided tour with an experienced guide. We did an individual tour. Of course Azul Diving Center will provide the canoe/kayak, the obligatory life jackets and snorkeling equipment, if you want to (free of charge). After a short briefing you can start your tour. The route follows coastline to show you its secrets and dazzling landscapes including enchanting bays and marine caves only accessible by boat.
If you want, you can combine the kayak tour with snorkeling or a hiking tour.
The kayak tour alone takes about 2.5 hours and therefore you should always remember to bring enough sun protection (we also wore sun protection clothes) and maybe some snacks and water. You will get a special dry bag to protect your stuff from the water. You should wear swim suits, because you will get wet.
The tour was very nice, but also exhausting, because on the way back the weather changed and there was quite a headwind. So it also was a real workout.

Costs: from 25 EUR (depending on whether you want a guided tour or prefer to go alone)