dolphin and whale watching

This is a 3 hour boat trip from Funchal to Cabo Girão and back. You will enjoy a great view of the coast and from the water you will get a very special perspective.
With the help of the experienced crew you will go on the search for dolphins, whales, turtles, birds, etc. and it is always nice to experience the murmur of the crowd when another animal is sighted.
Dolphins are seen most of the time as these playful animals love to glide through the waves along the boat and it almost seems as if they like to pose for the photos. Whales, on the other hand, are spotted less frequently. Therefore, it is always a great pleasure to have the luck to catch a glimpse of these impressive creatures.
If the weather permits it, the boat will stop below Cabo Girão for a swim. Especially the younger generation enjoys jumping from the boat into the clear water (but of course you can also use the stairs). So don’t forget your swimming gear and towel.
The special part about the sunset tour is of course the spectacular sunset that can be admired from the boat, which offers a complex, ever-changing play of colors. Great photos are guaranteed.

Usually many people take part on this tour, but it is a big boat and everyone quickly finds a good seat – during the tour you can move freely on the boat. You can bring something to eat and drink or you can buy drinks and snacks at the bar at moderate prices.

Costs: 35 EUR pro Person