Wine tour with wine tasting

At the Quinta (primarily rural property) do Barbusano in São Vicente you can take a recommendable wine tour. The Quinta is well signposted; otherwise you might get lost on the way. It leads along the small chapel of São Vicente, which is clearly visible from everywhere (by the way, the view from the chapel is fantastic!) and through the vineyards on a bumpy little road, at the end of which you finally reach the Quinta.
First you go on a short tour of about 45 minutes through the vineyards with interesting information about the wine growing in Madeira. We had a very enthusiastic guide who made the tour very clear and informative.
After the tour, 6 different wines (3 white wines, 1 rosé and 2 red wines) are waiting for you to taste, together with small snacks and bread.
Of course you can also buy all wines and all price categories. The whole tour with wine tasting is really cheap and definitely worth the money.
Especially in the months of August and September it is worth a visit, when the harvest is about to begin and in September the vineyards appear in great colors. If you are interested and would like to make yourself useful – volunteers are always sought for the grape harvest.

Costs: 10 EUR