Europe’s best island destination 2020!!!

And the Oscar goes to ….. Madeira!
Let’s start directly with some great and positive news. Madeira has again been voted the best island destination in Europe.
The “Oscar of Tourism” went to Madeira this year, for the seventh time since 2013, and in these special and difficult times for tourism, we are of course more than proud to receive this award. And Madeira is the best island for us anyway!

Actually there is already too much discussion about Corona everywhere and we didn’t want to take up this topic again. However, we got many questions about it and especially in view of the award won, we think it is important to write about it.
Rapidly increasing numbers of Covid-19, intervening measures and lockdown situations of different countries do of course not encourage to travel. But Madeira is quite rightly advertising with the slogan “Madeira – Safe to discover”.

It’s worth taking a look at the situation here on the island, as the situation should not be compared with the mainland or, for example, the Canary Islands.
At the moment there is no ferry connection to the island and the harbour is closed for the big cruise ships. After the lockdown, Madeira has been “open” for tourism again for 4 months now and the tourists exclusively arrive by plane.

There have been very few Covid-19 cases in the population since the beginning of the pandemic. Most of the cases have been caused by the arriving tourists, but even this number is very manageable. As of mid-November 2020: just under 500 cases, only a few people in hospital and 1 death (a 97-year-old woman with pre-existing conditions).
All infected persons are in quarantine and are monitored, controlled and professionally cared for.
Infected persons identified at the airport will be accommodated for quarantine in hotels specially adapted to the situation.

The situation at the airport is well organised. Many people already arrive with a negative PCR test (which must not be older than 72 hours) from their country of origin, so they can enjoy their holiday directly.In the other case, a PCR test is carried out immediately upon arrival at the airport (see also blog “Finally on the island”). Friendly staff is available and you will be provided with water and fruit while waiting.
The PCR test is carried out quickly and free of charge for those entering the island. After the test you have to go directly to your accommodation to wait for the test result. This takes a maximum of 12 hours. Almost all hosts in hotels, rental homes and Airbnb’s are happy to provide some supplies to the guests while they are waiting in isolation.
In case of a negative test result, you will continue to be monitored by app or by e-mail and the responsible health authorities are always kept up to date about your condition.

Throughout the island, it is mandatory to wear masks both in public enclosed spaces and in public places where the social distance of 2m cannot be maintained.By now, most people are probably used to wearing a mask and we believe that this will hardly diminish the pleasure of the holiday. Especially as there is no need to wear a mask in nature, when hiking, on the beach or when swimming. Madeira needs tourism and has shown in recent months that the situation is well under control.
We are also experiencing a change in tourism, as many people want to escape the tense situation in their home country and are therefore interested in long-term rental of holiday accommodations. The digital world and the possibility of working from home makes this flexible work and live situation possible.
I’m also happy to continue to welcome guests to the Airbnb and believe that even in these special times you can enjoy your holiday here on the island. Madeira has also prepared itself for the upcoming Christmas season and keeps advertising: Madeira – Safe to discover.
We are expecting family visits in December / January and are looking forward to enjoy this special time here in Madeira.

Até à próxima!

Bas & Janine