Levada dos Balções

~ 2,7km /  Ribeiro Frio / GPS 32°44’06.3″N 16°53’11.3″W

This hike starts in Ribeiro Frio and ends at the famous Balcões viewpoint, which can be reached after a short and easy walk. Nevertheless it is a very beautiful route through the typical green landscape of the Madeiran jungle.
From the viewpoint you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Madeira mountains, including the two highest peaks on the island: Pico Ruivo (1861m) and Pico do Arieiro (1817m). In the distance you can even see the Atlantic Ocean.
But you have to be lucky with the weather. It can also be very cloudy so your view will be blocked. This has also something magic, but of course it cannot be compared to the actual view.
You can also watch birds here, which greet all visitors expectantly in the hope of getting some crumbs.
By the way, the drive to this levada is also very nice and there are some small cafés or bars where you can enjoy a coffee or a poncha.
Unfortunately this walk is very popular, especially with tourists, and is therefore often overcrowded.