Status 24-04-2020:
– 86 infections
– 21 recoveries
– 1 in hospital
– 0 fatalities

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Madeira was the first region of Portugal to develop a plan for the control of the infectious disease COVID-19. This plan was already available on 3.2.2020 and is continuously being updated.

The regional government anounced restrictive measures, especifically for the Tourism Sector

Entry to the territory was reduced to what is strictly necessary and passengers entering the country are currently subject to mandatory temperature control and interviewing to assess their health status in relation to COVID-19.

In addition, a social isolation and quarantine period of 14 days applies to all arriving passengers, including residents.

All tourist activities and excursions are currently closed. Museums, beaches and parks cannot be visited and even hiking is not allowed.

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What does this mean for us and our plans of emigrating to Madeira?

Until now, we are allowed to enter Madeira as long as we stay in quarantine for the first 2 weeks after arriving. At this moment, this isolation takes place in a remote holiday complex, where you have to go straight from the airport. For now, we are sticking to our plan and looking forward to hopefully emigrating at the end of June 2020.

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