The clock is ticking……………

It’s been a while since the last blog, as we had a lot to do of course.
Early in June the packing material was delivered by the transport company, so we finally started packing. We moved many times before, but this is the first time in a professional way. We did not even know there were special moving boxes e.g. for picture frames, chairs and mattresses!

During the last weeks we decluttered, shredded and packed every single day. Furthermore, we also gave away a lot of stuff. In the meantime we have also digitalized our entire administration and analog photo archive. Our appartement is getting more and more empty, and at the same time less comfortable and even more chaotic. There are boxes, tools and packaging material everywhere.

Additionally, several other packages are being delivered to us, as we ordered many items while still being in the Netherlands after having compared the prices with those of Madeira. Thus, for example, several tools for which we would have to pay an “island tax” in Madeira, as these tools are regarded as imported products.

We also stocked up with working clothes, so at least we do look professional 😉

In the meantime, we have been able to terminate almost all our contracts, e.g. the leasing contract for the car, the rental contract for the apartment, TV and Internet, insurance, etc. By the way, emigration always is an exception for canceling contracts. This means that contracts can always be terminated directly (without having to observe the statutory periods of notice and without additional costs).
At the same time, we already had to regulate some things in Madeira. Thus, we already arranged appointments with the local authorities, booked a rental car for the first weeks and also an internet connection in the rental house.

Besides this necessary organization we also had many very nice (farewell) meetings.
Thank you very much for the great conversations, the nice hikes, the funny farewell gifts, the wonderful High Tea and the delicious breakfast meetings, lunchs and dinners. Furthermore, a big thank to you for all the flowers, cards, wishes, encouraging words and all the help you can even think of. You are the best!!!
Unfortunately, we had to cancel many meetings because of Corona. The forced social distancing has unfortunately led to the fact that we managed to do less than we had actually planned and wished for. Therefore, we apologize from the bottom of our hearts to all of you we were not able to meet personally anymore.
In the last few days, we had to organize all the meetings and appointments meticulously.

Yesterday we brought all the things which are to be transported to Madeira by airfright to the Düsseldorf airport. Due to the faster air freight, these objects are available for us in Madeira by the time we arrive.
Today (30.6.2020), the transport company picked up all furniture and boxes which are to be shipped to Madeira by container ship. This sea voyage will take between 3 and 6 weeks.

Since yesterday, all is left is our suitcases and it feels more like camping than living at home, but that gives us a little holiday feeling, too.
Tomorrow, the last load goes to the garbage dump and the rental flat will be prepared for the handover.

Then, on Thursday, the adventure of emigration will really start….

Até à próxima!
Bas & Janine